Robot Vacuum Nearly Ate Its Sleeping Owner

robot vacuum attack

robot vacuum attack

Robots were designed to replace human work load as well as improve efficiency but a recent accident that occurred in South Korea shows an entirely different story.

A 52-year old woman was sleeping on the floor inside her house and at the same time her robot vacuum cleaner was doing its job or I should say didn’t do its job correctly. These robotic vacuums do the cleaning as per their user defined schedule and are designed to identify objects to avoid collision.

It seems like the Robot vacuum failed to identify her sleeping owner and sucked up her hair which was such a painful encounter that the poor lady had to call the fire department to rescue her from the jaws of its Vacuum cleaner.

Luckily the woman did not receive any serious injuries but one thing is for sure that she will either get rid of her malfunctioned robot cleaner or will never sleep on the floor while her not so loyal Robot it at work.

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