ReelKlip Saves Your Costly Smartphone From Accidental Falls

ReelKlip phone clip

ReelKlip phone clip

ReelKlip is a simple idea i.e. to keep your high cost phone safe from accidentally falling to the ground. It weighs just 1 oz and will also makes sure your phone stays with you all the time.

You can use ReelKlip with any kind of phone. It is a flexible clip yet holds the phone pretty securely. It is constructed with polyurethane rubber, polycarbonate plastic and Kevlar. It can easily clip on to your belt, pocket, jacket or purse.

ReelKlip photo

The ReelKlip is a recent project at Kickstarter and seeks funds to go into mass production. The backers of t he project can have a ReelKlip from their phones for as low as $19 only.


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