Raspberry Pi Will Teach You Maths

RaspBerry Pie Bundle With Wolfram

RaspBerry Pie Bundle With Wolfram

Up till now Raspberry Pi is used to teach basic computer science in schools but from today its purpose would have definitely changed. In the recent CBM summit 2013 it has been announced that the famous Wolfram Research will bundle a free copy of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language with each of the Raspberry Pi.

Using this great Mathematica tool all Raspbian users will have free tools for everything from learning math to sophisticated programming. By the addition of Mathematica Raspberry Pi will become the best ever platform for teaching Computer Based Maths techniques to student of all ages.

In future, all the $25 Raspberry Pies will have images of Wolfram Language and Mathematica by default whereas, the existing users need 600MB of free space on their SD card to install the app today with a specific command. It is also said that it will be the first attempt to introduce the Wolfram Language as the preview which will help beginners to start coding complex tools in a simpler way.

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