Quirky Bumper Tilt Case For iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Quirky Tilt Case

Despite the fact that Apple is throwing away FREE iPhone 4 bumper cases, people are still keen enough to try inventing handy looking iPhone 4 bumper cases and this Quirky tilt case is just one example. The Quirky tilt case for iPhone 4 is made of hard plastic with faces made of rubber.

iPhone 4 Quirky Tilt Case
Quirky Iphone 4 bumper case

The best part about this Quirky iPhone 4 tilt case is that it flips open and serves as a stand that keeps the iPhone in tilted position either vertically or horizontally, whichever view you enjoy the most. You can then use your iPhone 4 as a free standing MP3 player or even watch movies, videos, slide shows etc. The design at first looks a bit bulky but some geeks think that it is cool as an iPhone bumper case.

The Quirky iPhone 4 tilt case is available on pre-order for just $28 and it comes in two colors, classic black and in a white/purple combination.

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