Pizza Hut Trying To Adopt Tobii Technology For Its Subconscious Menu

Pizza Hut Subconscious Menu

Pizza Hut Subconscious Menu

Pizza Hut seems to adopt the Tobii Technology in order to develop its so-called “Subconscious Menu”. This Subconscious Menu will scan your eye movements to know which particular topping you had your eye set on.

The company tested the system by putting its 20 most common toppings in the grid format on a tablet, when a user go through the menu, the Tobii technology quickly scans the eye movement and within 2.5 seconds it is able to determine the desired topping flavor. This experiment is claimed to have a 98% accuracy rate. After knowing your desired topping for your pizza you can place your order and enjoy your favorite flavor without wasting time in selecting order from the menu.

Although the idea is looking great but it is still not confirmed by the company sources that when Pizza Hut will be going to introduce this technology to its outlet. The company is considering to introduce the Subconscious Menu for one day. Let’s wait and see how this new technology will work? Only mass user experience could be able to determine its success.

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