Online HP Printers With Email Addresses

Online HP Printers With Email Addresses

HP, Hewlett-Peckard is soon going to release printers that will have their own e-mail addresses and will remain online to take instant printing tasks via email. This is very interesting as these kinds of tasks are currently carried out by fax machines with of course some limitations. We do not have enough information to state whether these will be All-in-One printers or will only carry out printing jobs.

Web Access printer - Email address HP Printers

These Hewlett-Packard printers might cost as high as $400 but V.J. the man behind HP empire says that these new HP printers are made for the iPhone age as these not only have their own unique email address but these will also have touch screen feature. These printers will remain connected to the Web in order to receive printing jobs from any part of the world i.e these will have their own web access all the time. This new release will definitely have a significant impact on the Fax machine market but will also change the way people share printers in offices and homes. Let’s see how these new HP printers turn out to be. Only time will tell how much similarities the new HP printers will have with those already existing compact photo printers.

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