OnAir Box Allow To Play Music Anywhere From Your Cloud Music Library

OnAir Box

OnAir Box

If you are fond of listening music every time, then you would have a large music library stored on multiple storage devices. Most of us store our main music collection on hard drives, phones, or other external storage devices; but sometime you want to play music when you are outside and your favorite music collection stored on your hard drive. This makes you annoying and you wish, you could listen your favorite track. Through the latest technological advancements, it seems that this wish will come to reality via the OnAir Box idea.

OnAir Box is a Kickstarter project, which is designed to access your music library anywhere from any device. In other words, user has his own private music cloud on this box which he can access using wireless technology. The device is designed to connect with multiple storage devices including hard disc, microSD card, USB devices, phones, tablets, etc. Since OnAir Box has ability to connect with variety of storage devices, therefore, it has various ports in accordance with the device.

All you need to do is connect your storage devices to the OnAir Box, download and install app designed for the OnAir Box on your phone, tablet or desktop and live stream your favorite music. If you are use to stream music online like SoundCloud, then OnAir Box team is also working on it to integrate the online music streaming with this box. Not only storage devices but also you can connect stereo system and TV or Av receiver to this amazing music box and enjoy listening music on your favorite device.

You might think that in these days, you can have access to devices like the OnAir Box; but I would like to say that it is the All-in-One Music Library that is built to access any kind of device and you will have instant access to your music collections. If you like the idea of OnAir Box, then pay the pledge money and help to make this project successful.

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