OCZ Talos 2 Solid State Enterprise Drive

OCZ 1TB Talos 2 SSD

OCZ a leading SSD provider launched an enterprise drive Talos 2 SSD series which consist of 2.5 inch high-performance SSD drives.  Talos 2 SSD supports the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 6.0Gbps interface and have capacity up to 1 TB.

OCZ 1TB Talos 2 SSD

The new enterprise Talos 2 series offers enhanced I/O performance and improved efficiency due to intelligent complex command queuing structure with unique queue balancing algorithms. it has dual-ported design for superior data integration and fast performance. The drive has three main options for its composition that is either it has MLC (multi-level cell), eMLC (enterprise MLC) or SLC (single-level cell) NAND Flash memory chips.

If you want to know that how much its performance level is improved then you can imagine the device can perform random transaction at up to 70,000 4K IOPS and workload balance is now 75%read and 25%write with up to 42,000 8K IOPS.

The Talos 2 SSD drives will be made available to SMB and enterprise clients through OCZ’s global business-to-business channel.

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