Nvidia Claimed to Produce First Quad-Core Processor in August 2011

nvidia tegra roadmap

After Qualcomm has announced its coming Quad-core Chip line “Krait”, Nvidia can’t stay behind in the race. At the last day of MWC Barcelona, Nvidia announced that it will going to start production of its new Quad-Core chip codenamed as “Kal-El” in this August.

nvidia tegra roadmap

According to the Nvidia it will be its quad-core processor boasts five times the computing capability of its dual-core chip while web-browsing will speeds up to double and frame rate would be three times that found in Nvidia’s speedy dual-core processor. These high computing features are not just the claim, Nvidia proved these features by distributing the sample quad-core chips among its manufacturing partners. Therefore, we can expect that the new version of Tegra 2 chip will definitely start production in August.

If Nvidia could do so, then it will again leave behind its competitors in producing high performance chip. In addition with the announcement, Nvidia also unveiled the Fuve-Year Tegra chip roadmap, according to it, updates will be released annually up to 2014. Until then, check out the demo of the coming Nvidia quad-core chip.

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