Nvidia 3D Vision – Wired and Wireless 3D Glasses

Nvidia 3D glasses 3D vision

Nvidia for the first time has launched stereoscopic 3D glasses so that PC gamers and movie watchers enjoy every bit of their experience in complete 3D. The company has released two versions of the new 3D vision glasses, the wireless version is priced twice that of the wired version. More details about Nvidia 3D glasses can be found below.

Nvidia 3D glasses 3D vision

The 3D glasses make use of Nvidia’s active-shutter technology making them produce high quality 3D images than other ordinary 3D glasses. These support full HD 1080p resolution content. These Nvidia 3D glasses support 65 different 3D vision computers. According to sources, there are 500+ full HD 3D games available that will put these glasses to the best use. Users will also be able to enjoy Blu-ray 3D movies with the help of Nvidia’s stereoscopic 3D glasses.

The wired version of Nvidia 3D glasses has a price of $99 while the wireless version will cost about $199 and these also need to be charged. The wired 3D glasses will be available by the end of June 2011.

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