Now Virtual Reality Gaming Becomes More Realistic Via Stompz Foot Controller

Stompz Foot Controller

Stompz Foot Controller

Although VR headsets brings virtual world more closely to humans but technology doesn’t stop here. Stompz is a foot controller that makes virtual reality gaming more realistic and immersive. It is a prototype device, which is connected via Bluetooth to any gaming device including mobile or even PCs.

The purpose of presenting the idea of Stompz is not just for VR headset it can also be used to play and control PC games, and even it could be used as an alternative device for disabled people. As far as its design features are concerned, the prototype model has 9-axis motion sensor and can wear on your hands as well because the layout consists of a rectangular box having straps to fix either onto your foot or hands. The device first needs to adjust the sensitivity according to the person’s gesture and movements. Watch the video below to better understand its usability.

Stompz is a Kickstarter project; therefore, it needs to improve the design after getting funds from. If you want to experience this controller then you will have to make pledge of $99 on its Kickstarter page.

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