NoPoPo AA Batteries – Water Rechargeable AA Batteries

NoPoPo AA water rechargeable battery

NoPoPo AA water rechargeable battery

Well the title says it all and not to the surprise, these NoPoPo (Non Pollution Power) batteries have also been invented by the Japanese and are a lot better than those vibration powered batteries. These have some sort of chemicals that will generate electric charge with just a few drops of water. The NoPoPo rechargeable batteries have a remarkable shelf life of up to 20 years and these are 100% rechargeable and recyclable batteries. The NoPoPo batteries (also termed as water battery) can be recharged with any kind of liquid (as long as you can think of it) but for optimum recharging, drinking or tap water is recommended. You can either fill in few drops of water inside these AA batteries or submerge them in liquid for just 3-5 minutes in order to charge them. These produce 1.5V 500mA which is standard and can be used in any device that runs on regular size AA batteries. These are about to be released in Japan. No information on price at this time.

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