Niwa Is First Ever Indoor Plant Growing System Controlled by Smartphone

Niwa indoor plantation

Niwa indoor plantation

Niwa is world’s first indoor plant growing system that you can have even in your bedroom. And to add more to its capabilities, it is controlled by a smartphone app that takes all the guess work out of your plant growing tasks.

Another plus point of Niwa is that it is a complete a-to-z plant growing system from planting the seeds to harvesting. There is little to none user intervention. It uses aquaponics so no messy and smelly soil is needed for your plants as they receive all their nutrition from water.

The micro controller fitted in the Niwa knows what types of plants need how much water, light and humidity and it controls it automatically so you only need to tell it what plant you are growing and it takes care of the rest.

Users will be able to monitor the progress of their plants from a smartphone app. Currently Niwa is seeking funds via Kickstarter to make it a reality.

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