New Mobile Payment Techniques Revealed At MWC



This time MWC is not just covering the new devices from various brands but also brings the new methods for Mobile Payments. The providers include eBay, Paypal and Opera which uses the MWC to promote their new campaign for payments.

eBay joined the UK carrier Three to launch its new Mobile Payment method, using this method UK Three will now pre-install the auction site’s apps on all the Android phones it sells. eBay also approached hotelier Yotel and Iberian ticketing service Entradas for getting the same.

Opera Introduced a new mobile commerce ecosystem called Opera Payment Exchange (OPX) for its 160 million Opera Mini users. To get instant access opera offering APIs to various developers so that they can add mobile payment options to their services that function without requiring customers to leave the browser and charge their purchases to their monthly wireless bill.

Paypal launching new billing system to Home Depot in the U.S. They will be equipped to accept payments from customers using a PayPal card or mobile phone number and PIN combination.

These are just the highlights of what eBay, Paypal and Opera are doing to make easy and secure payment and thus they are trying to expand their mobile payment network.

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