New Japanese Battery Made From Organic Cotton

cotton battery

cotton battery

A Japan based company by the name Power Japan Plus claims that it has succeeded in manufacturing batteries that will charge 20 times faster than regular lithium batteries and those batteries will be made out of organic cotton.

According to the source, the company states that they have engineered the structure of cotton’s carbon fiber so that it can be used as anode and cathode of a battery which we usually refer to as battery terminals (+/-). Plus the electrolyte used as a conductor is also an organic electrolyte.

Chris Craney, the marketing officer of Power Japan Plus also stated that this is not a new technology and it was first created way back in year 1970 at Kyushu University of Japan.

If these cotton batteries do make it to the electronic devices then a battery that would usually take about 1 hour to charge would be fully charged in just 3 minutes.

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