New Idea For Fastest WiFi Connection Ever

New Idea For Fastest WiFi Connection Ever

Next Generation Wi-Fi

It would be hard to believe that a WiFi connection can provide up to 2.5 Tb of information for each second that passes by. Though its still a theoretical figures but can be made possible in near future, as American and Israeli researchers are doing work on the fastest ever WiFi connection.

The idea is based on orbital angular momentum (OAM) which can easily beats today’s Wi-Fi, LTE and COFDM protocols those are based on spin angular momentum (SAM) of radio waves. The idea can easily beat the present Verizon’s fastest wired home Internet connection known as FiOS, which manages to eke out 300Mbps. This is not enough, the super fast WiFi will support transmission of seven full Blu-ray movies as the second hand on the clock ticks by once.

These are the points which are highlighted in the theory presented by the researchers if it comes out true it would be the great revolution in wireless communication.

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