New Bus Design by China Will Cut Down 2,640 Ton Carbon Emission Annually

China Bus Design new

A Chinese company recently demonstrated how it is going to tackle the increasing traffic on roads of China. The Company demonstrated a new bus design that will allow standard size cars to easily pass underneath it while the bus is in motion. This new bus will be having a capacity of carrying up to 1400 passengers at a time.

China Bus Design new

This new China bus design is an eco-friendly design as the bus will receive its power from solar cells that will be mounted on roadside poles. This will allow China to save up to 860 tons of fuel each year that in turn will reduce 2,640 tons of carbon emission every year. The bus will either have special terminals or ladders will be used for loading and unloading of passengers.

With the increasing population of China and more vehicles making their way to the roads of China, we have a feeling that it is not long when we see these buses going into mass production. The Chinese company behind this has already come up with a project for introducing these buses on 186 km long route in China. A demonstration video is shown below but unfortunately it is in Chinese language. However, you can read the translation here.

Video : China New Bus Design Demo

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