Narbis Neurofeedback Glasses Keep Your Focus On Your Work

Narbis Neurofeedback Glasse

Narbis Neurofeedback Glasse

It is a common practice, whenever either we work in office or at home, even a small distraction from surrounding is enough to lose our focus and thus decreases our productivity. In order to focus 100% on our work particularly while doing work on computer, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched for crowdfunding. This project is called Narbis Neurofeedback Glasses, which determines your activities while working.

The Narbis Smartglasses lenses will begin darken when you lose focusing on your work and will begin to clear up when you begin to focus again. All this happens due to the patent-pending dry sensors measure your brainwaves patterns and send these signals to the electrochromic glasses.

In order to turn-ON the device, you need to wear the glasses and make sure that the electrodes are properly in contact with your skin. After that, put on the Armband, which actually turn the device ON, then connect the glasses with your phone, tablet or computer app via Bluetooth and then select your desired training program. There are five training programs available including Focus, Calm, Mode, Sleep, and Peak Performance.

The purpose of these glasses is to train your brain to concentrate on the work you want to do and excel your abilities. Moreover, the available training programs in the app will also help you to improve your creativity skills, make you relief from stress and anxiety, improve self-confidence, and even help you easy sleep without any wakeup during sleep timings.

The Narbis Neurofeedback Glasses is still a prototype device projected on the Kickstarter for crowdfunding. Your pledge towards this project will help the creators to turn this useful device into a productive one for all of us.

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