NANOTIPS Will Turn Any Gloves Touchscreen Compatible

NANOTIPS Will Turn Any Gloves Touchscreen Compatible

nanotips touchscreen tips

NANOTIPS is a solution made of conductive polyamide liquid which stimulates human finger and will work with any touchscreen device. It is applied to the tips of traditional gloves and transform them into touchscreen gloves.

NANOTIPS is a recent Kickstarter project that has achieved its funding goal. It is claimed to be long lasting, durable and barely visible depending upon which color you chose. The NANOTIPS will be made available in black and black and blue colors and a single bottle can be applied on up to 30 finger tips so no worries if you have a lot of pair of fancy gloves as it sticks to any material be it fabric or leather.

NANOTIPS is specially designed for cold winter season but bikers and cyclists will also greatly benefit from it.

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