MSI Announced Windows 7 tablet PC Wind Pad 100

msi wind pad 100

Another Windows 7 Tablet PC is coming to the market later this year; this time it is from MSI and is named as Wind Pad 100. The tablet has shown off at Computex 2010 having 10-inch display screen and is powered by Intel Atom Z530 processor that runs at 1.66 GHz.

msi wind pad 100

The device comes with the following hardware supports:

• 2GB of RAM
• 2GB of storage on an SSD
• Customizable Wind UI layer
• Two USB ports
• HDMI output
• Webcam

The tablet has plastic body hence it is light in weight which measures approx. 1.7 lbs. Its 10-inch display screen has capacity to display up to 1024×600 resolutions and its HDMI output could run 720p to HDTV. Though there is a customizable wind UI layer but it responses slow which may become its drawback. This MSI Wind Pad 100 will hopefully come in the market by the end of this year with price value of $499.

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