Miracle Machine Turns Water into Gasoline Says Germans

water gasoline machine

water gasoline machine

You have seen a lot of headlines claiming to run vehicles on hydrogen fuel but wait till you meet this miracle machine that will turn water and carbon dioxide into gasoline to be used as fuel. This miracle machine is produced by German chemical engineers who confidently state that they will be able to commercially launch this fuel producing machine by 2016.

The miracle machine happens to be in Dresden based company called Sunfire GmbH. Its co-founder Nils Aldog stated that their invention completely changes the way we generate fuel for cars, aeroplanes as well as chemical and other industries.

The process used by the machine is called Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis which was first developed also be German chemists Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch way back in year 1925. Although the machine uses electricity to initiate the process but this technology is likely to improve in the coming years as demand of fuel is always on the rise.

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