Microsoft Revealed 84-inch Pen Display For the Workplace

Microsodt Surface Hub

Microsodt Surface Hub

It seems that using upcoming Windows 10, Microsoft wants to do something special for the business class, which was probably ignored in the Windows 8 version. This is because Microsoft has just revealed 84-inch 4K Pen supported display compatible with Windows 10. This display is particularly designed for use in workplace or in conference room so that people can easily convey their business ideas and use it for brainstorming. Microsoft called this device Surface Hub.

The Surface Hub comes with all the necessary collection needed for a professional conference room. It has built-in sensors, cameras, NFC and microphones. The stylus pen is attached at the side magnetically and by picking up the pen, the display automatically turns into a white board display on which you can do brainstorming together with the people present in the room and with those who are attending the conference online. This auto function is powered by a built-in app which is similar to the OneNote-like brainstorming app. The both ends of the pen is made for work i.e. the top side is for writing and the other side is used to erase the content.

In addition, with the pen feature, the display also has support for Skype for Business through which you can invite people for conferencing and share your pen written ideas with them. The built-in camera is used during Skype conferencing, so that people on the other side also get equal attention of the presenter(s). Microsoft Surface Hub also features connectivity with other devices including android, windows and even Mac. In this manner you can access your from the device and show it onto the Surface Hub.

After learning above features of the Microsoft Surface Hub, no one from corporate sector would deny the importance of it. I would say it will be the must have device for organizations and business class, but Microsoft didn’t mention about its availability and price, so stay tune!

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