Microsoft Latest Rendering Engine Will Exclusively Support Its New Browser

Microsoft Project Spartan

Microsoft Project Spartan

Now it has been confirmed from the Microsoft that its latest rendering engine will work only for its upcoming browser “Project Spartan” in Windows 10. Earlier news was circulating that Microsoft new rendering engine would have support for both Spartan and IE 11 browsers. Those who are not aware of the new browser of the Microsoft, got to know that Microsoft will going to introduce its new browser currently named as Project Spartan in the Windows 10 version. It doesn’t mean that Microsoft is going to pack up the Internet Explorer because Windows 10 will come with both the browsers Spartan and IE 11.

However, users have some confusion that whether all the Windows 10 copies comes with dual browser or either the dual support will only be provided for the business customers. This is because IE 11 will remain powered by the Legacy Engine, which requires for business customers. Microsoft just said “Project Spartan is our future”.

Microsoft also made it clear that the name and brand of its new browser will come up with the official Windows 10 release.

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