Make Your Personal Musical band With Shimi – The Musical DJ

shimi - Robotic Musical DJ

shimi - Robotic Musical DJ

Most of the people think that robots are only that high-tech mechatronics invention that is developed for the ease of human; or to do work like human. But nowadays, researchers try to work on such robots that can do what are mobile devices do according to our mode and need. Shimi is such a robot which can perform like a musical DJ.

Basically its a project of particular researchers from Georgia Tech, MIT, and IDC who presented this idea on kictstarter. They named this robot Shimi which is actually a high quality speaker dock and can play songs from your smartphone according to your mode. To know the details of its working in simplified way just understand that it relies on the cloud as well as smartphone voice commands in order to play music, and hopefully, rock your party. It also perform dancing with respect to your face expression and kind of music. In short, it is completely and entertaining personal musical DJ.

As far as its cost is concerned, since it is a kickstarter project, it is initially created with the help of Trust startup company Tovbot and will finally cost around $199. This price can go as low as $129 for you if you help fund it through Kickstarter.

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