Lumus Gives Hig-Tech WiFi Video Glasses Prototype

Lumus an Israeli company has recently presented a prototype for WiFi Glasses that would bring revolution to the world of optics. Lumus has created a pair for these WiFi Glasses which can work like a projection screen. Such kind of glasses are using these days in F-16 fighter jets but Lumus is trying to bring this technology to the civilian market hopefully by 2014.

How these WiFi Glasses work? They actually recieve video (setup mounted at the corners) which then transmitted to the lenses contain fiber-optics which are then enlarged and directed at the eyes. The projection screen can deliver all kind of video ranging from smartphones to augmented reality. The projection can be visualised at a distance of 3-meters from the person who wears the glasses.

Though the design of the glasses are not looking fashionable but its just a protoype Lumus is still doing work on the project and trying to communicate with both smartphone and gaming companies to continue work on this technology as this technology suits better for playing games, browse the internet and make phone calls through embedded wireless devices. Watch out the video below to learn its functionality.

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