LG To Show OFF Google TV At CES 2012

LG To Show OFF Google TV At CES 2012

LG Google 3D TV

Google is trying to grab control over all around your electronic system from PC to Mobile devices and now your TV system. LG announced that it will be going to show off the Google TV service at the coming CES next week at Las Vegas.

The new Google TV comes with 3D capabilities and will definitely result in excellent picture quality just because of LG’s Smart TV Technologies which is a nice combination of LG’s Cinema 3D technology and its own Smart TV platform NetCast. When this LG technology combines with Android operating system, the result will be promising. The other support which is embedded in the LG’s Google TV includes Magic Remote QWERTY to perform just like Wii-Like remote control.

You can enhance the Google TV system with more than 150 apps that are available for the Google TV only.  LG will present the first show off at LG Electronic Press Conference on January 9thwhich then release all around US at the CES on January 10th.

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