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LG Pad Tablet Will be Soon Available in the Early 2011

Now LG has finally decided to launch its first Pad tablet in the early 2011 which will go against for the running iPads at that time, most probably the Samsung Galaxy which is being upgraded to Android Honeycomb, the latest Android version for tablets.

LG Pad Tablet

It will be big news for LG costumers who were anxiously waiting for the new LG tablet to come in the market as LG is waiting for the appropriate OS to come for the tablets. Though Google Android has released its various versions for tablets but LG team was not satisfied with all that but now the long wait is going to end by getting this news. By the arrival of Android OS Honeycomb in the market, LG will be going to launch its Pad tablet next year.

Very few of the design features are disclosed about the LG Pad tablet that includes:

  • Dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2
  • 8.9-inch screen

The dual core Tegra 2 will hope so support for advanced multimedia applications. The LG pad tablet will launch together in US and UK market and if it is marketed correctly it will be a great competitor to the Apple’s devices.