LG 18-inch Flexible OLED Amazingly Rolls Down to 3cm

LG flexible OLED

LG flexible OLED

What you see in the above photo is a flexible 18-inch OLED display by no other than LG which is a no stranger when it comes to generating flexible displays as we have witnessed in the past. This 18-inch flexible OLED display is for demo purpose only to indicate the limitations and also the possibilities with flexible displays.

This demo 18-inch OLED can be rolled down to just 3cm which is amazing and imagine how handy it would be to roll your 60-inch flexible display specially when transporting from one place to another or jut for the sake of storing it.

This rollable 18-inch OLED has a resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels with just PPI of just 80. LG have also revealed it by 2017 it plans to commercially release 60″+ Ultra-HD flexible panels. Lest just hope they can make one for smartphones so that these are easy to fold and no longer look bulky.

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