Latest Adobe Flash 10.2 Update Support for Android 3.0 Tablets


After releasing the latest Adobe Flash 10.2 update, Adobe has confirmed at MWC that all the coming Android 3.0 tablets and RIM’s Blackberry tablets will have Adobe Flash 10.2 support. It is expected that over 50 tablets will be going to release in 2011 which are equipped with the latest Flash support to enjoy full web experience and Motorola Xoom would be the first among them.


New feature of Stage Video in the Adobe Flash 10.2 would cause decrease processor and memory usage while “enabling higher frame rates and improved video quality. Around 84 million smartphones and tablets (running on Android and iOS) have Adobe AIR application and this figure will rise to more than 200 million by the end of this year. Adobe also claimed that in this year over 132 million devices worldwide will arrive in the market with Flash 10.2 support.

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