Korean Surveillance Blazer Can Capture 360-Degree Videos

Surveillance Blazer

Surveillance Blazer

A Korean technology enthusiast, Shinseungback Kimyonghun, created a Camera-Dotted Jacket that can capture 360-degree videos. This is not just the power of this jacket, after clicking the button you can instantly upload the video to the internet. Now the point comes, which device this Surveillance Blaze Jacket support? You will have to buy the onboard Raspberry Pi to control the camera and share the video. This jacket also protects you in some awkward situations specially when snatchers or criminal people trying to mess with you, this jacket gives off clear message “ I can record You”.

This jacket seems to be interesting but if you are inspired enough to buy it then you will have to make your own, because the creator of this jacket doesn’t seem to sell it on mass scale. So if you want to have it, then contact the creator of the Surveillance Blazer and make request of your own. Watch the video below to understand more clearly the working and use of the jacket.



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