JetBlue Announced inflight Wi-Fi Plan for 160 Planes

JefBlue Inflight Wi-Fi

JetBlue Airways has announced that it will be opening inflight Wi-Fi access for its fleet of 160 planes in 2012. People will be able to have unlimited access to the web with minor restrictions. JetBlue is not the first airline to employ Wi-Fi system for its plans. Air Canada, American Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways are among many other airlines already using the inflight Wi-Fi technology.

JetBlue Inflight Wi-Fi

The new JetBlue Airways Wi-Fi system will be provided by ViaSat Inc. No information on pricing has yet been revealed to the public as we still have to wait for this service to become available in JetBlue planes. The only thing you will not be able to achieve with inflight Wi-Fi is the VoIP feature i.e. no calling over the internet. With so many Wi-Fi enabled devices being released in the current and previous year, it is more likely that more airlines will be rolling out the inflight Wi-Fi access for its passengers.

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