Is Android Wear Smartwatch A Threat To Apple Watch

apple watch vs android wear

apple watch vs android wear

If you still think that Android is more powerful as a mobile platform than Apple iOS then wait till you hear that recently we had fire sales of plenty of Android wear smartwatches and this is not due to it being less attractive but it is simply been blown away by the competition.

Rated by experts as the no. 1 smartpwatch, the Apple Smartwatch has unmatched performance and capabilities. We have seen the LG Smartpwatch being sold in a fire sale for just $50 while it had a list price of over $200. This gives you some indication that the competition has already realized that they don’t stand a change against the Apple watch.

The popularity and demand of Apple Watch is so high that Apple is having a really tough time keeping up with the demands. Despite having a high price tag, Apple Watch is currently the no.1 selling smart watch and deem being high value by both consumers and experts.

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