Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive Charger

Now it’s time to introduce computer accessory for Mac system and Iomega brings the first Mac Companion Hard Drive charger available in 2TB and 3TB storage capacity. Besides having sufficient storage capacity the other advanced feature of the hard drive is its charging capability which can charge your iPhone, iPod, or iPad via USB port.

Hard Drive Charger

The Mac Companion Hard Drive is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits on the base of your Apple iMac or your Apple monitor. The drive comes with following features:

  • 7200 RPM 3.5-inch hard drive
  • High-powered 2.1 Amp USB charging port for charging devices
  • Two FireWire 800 ports
  • One USB 2.0 port
  • Two-port integrated USB 2.0 hub
  • HFS+ hard drive format

The new Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive will be available in two versions 2TB and 3TB at price of $195 and $295 respectively. It is initially showcased at Apple’s brick-and-mortar and online stores and then afterwards reaches to other Iomega outlets.

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