Immersis Beams Virtual Reality Into An Entire Room



Immersis is a project created by a company named Catopsys, which beams virtual reality into an entire room. This project is a combination of both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality; it brings VR close to your circle of people sitting in a room. This kind of project would certainly beneficial for organizations related to property, showrooms or place where you need to demonstrate your prospective model. It is also supposed to be a better device for gamers, because for group gaming they require multiple screens or TV sets, which this Immersis replaces with only single screen and allow them to be immersed and extend the game scene with surrounding projection.

Immersis is an interesting project that transforms your entire living room into an immersive support for your video games and panoramic videos. In this manner, you will not only be able to enjoy playing games with your friends but also share your experience and idea with group of people.

Immersis first needs to connect with computer, and then it will project the content at 180 degrees span only if your content is either panoramic or 3D, then the projection will be at 180 degrees. Otherwise, the projections will be flat if the content is two-dimensional. To do all this, Immersis requires a 3D model of your room before setting up the projection, which makes this device restrict from the range of common user. As not a layman has access to the 3D model of his room, therefore, it seems that Catopsys purposely create this device for companies and professional gamers having knowledge to create special screening events for virtual reality.

Catopsys has already reached its funding goal but you can still make a pledge on its Kickstarter page.

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