Idea of Integrated Technology Coffee Table

integrated technology coffee table

The idea of Integrated Coffee table is presented by California based designer Joseph Reed, whose main concern is having such a coffee or tea table which has power outlets along with some other basic needs related to current technological needs.

integrated technology coffee table

The table is designed in such a way that it has:

• Integrated electrical outlets – For providing power to portable devices for instance; iPods, iPads, mobile, etc.
• in-built iPod dock
• Serial and USB ports
• multi-format card reader
• 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks

Above these features when combine in the design of table it would make you feel and enjoy like home theater-style PC. Another good point regarding its design is that all these ports are hidden when they are not in use. As far as its body is concerned it is coated with white enamel and orange translucent plastic.

Though this Integrated Technology Coffee Table is still an idea from Reed but we are anxiously waiting for its launch to enjoy such handy piece of latest technology.

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