i-Mate Windows 8 Phone A New Hybrid?

i-Mate Windows 8 Product

i-Mate Windows 8 Product

Currently at MWC i-Mate is looking for doing something extraordinary with its new Windows 8 Phone product. Its basically a phone which can be converted into desktop phone and desktop computer when its associative dock and monitor is connected.

Its really quite amazing, that a phone could do all the functions without compromising on space. This new i-Mate Windows 8 Phone can be converted to desktop phone when the docking station and a hub provided with the phone is connected. The hub also comes with a 23” touchscreen display along with a keyboard and mouse support to make this phone a complete desktop.

What i-Mate is looking for a suitable carrier provider to help them launch their product come summer 2013. As far as the price is concerned, people generally think that it would be an extremely heavy budget product and somehow they might be right as price is decided as $750 for the phone itself, while the phone and the hub bundle will go for a whopping $1,600. So what are you thinking about? You have time till this summer to think over the package and spend over this 3-in-one bundle offer.

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