HTC Vivid Gets Faster After Android 4.0 ICS Update



Now this time we got some considerably better news from the US sight, its not something to give you information regarding new tablet,smartphone or else – its about the system updates which most of the Android phones receiving this season. In the same scenario, HTC Vivid become the first US device to catch the Ice Cream Sandwich OTA update.

The news is not just to inform the update is available, its more about the performance of the phone after the update. The HTC vivid has now become 66% improved in performance regarding the utility, battery consumption, apps support and interface. What users got the difference is significant performance boost in 3D rendering and improved battery life. The battery life has been increased to an hour more usage than you did with the phone running on Android 2.3. This would certainly turn out to be the remarkable difference which user wants, so it looks like HTC Vivid would certainly capture the current smartphone market until or unless another phone will get the update.

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