HTC 7 Pro Now Available on Preorders for Microsoft Employees

htc 7 pro

HTC 7 Pro, the first CDMA Windows Phone 7 is now available on preorders; but only for Microsoft employees only and this offer is valid till 8th of November 2010. This offer is announced by the Sprint.

htc 7 pro

This offer from Sprint has clarified the rumor about Windows 7 Pro that it won’t be coming till 2011. Since the FCC certification regarding the HTC 7 Pro is going to roll, you don’t need to be surprised by the news going around before January. After getting this news it is expecting that Microsoft and Sprint may have intentions to work together in future and try to resolve last-minute bugs and get feedback.

Though the HTC 7 Pro is available for preorders but its price is still not announced.

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