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HP 7-inch TouchPad Tablet On Its Way

HP 7 inch tablet

We are still not sure if the new HP 7 inch tablet will be the smaller version of its previously released HP 9.7” TouchPad tablet running webOS or it will be running Android. But one thing is for sure that HP has already initiated the manufacturing process for its new (unnamed) 7 inch tablet as reported by CNES. According to the news, a renowned Japanese contractor has been given orders by HP to produce 400,000 to 450,000 tablets per month and the contractor will be supplying the market with the HP 7 inch tablets as well, starting from Aug 2011. The previous version of HP 9.7” TouchPad tablet had some great set of features and if the new HP 7 inch is the lower version of the TouchPad tablet then it might be worth to have specially with 4G (LTE) connectivity.