HeadWatch is Smart Watch Plus Headset



HeadWatch is a new project at Indiegogo and an interesting one if you put it leniently. Basically it is an Android Smart Watch that you can easily detach and wear on your ear to make it function as a Bluetooth headset.

There is nothing wrong with the HeadWatch idea and there are plenty of Smart watches out there but one simply fails to understand the concept of wearing a smart watch on your ear. The HeadWatch has complete touchscreen interface. It has temperature sensor, luminosity sensor, 3D accelerometer etc. The HeadWatch is also water proof.

The HeadWatch has a detachable headset that even has a folding clip that allows you to wear the HeadWatch on your ear and talk to the caller. The HeadWatch is currently seeking funds at Indiegogo, more details on the HeadWatch can be found here.

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