HD3 Slyde Wrist Watch by Jorg Hysek Beats iPod Nano as Timepiece

HD3 Slyde 4

HD3 Slyde wristwatch, the fifth generation iPod Nano was under process since last 2 years and now it is going to appear on the scene hopefully in the last quarter of 2011 (most likely in September 2011). It would be the device that everyone wants to have on hands with no physical buttons on the screen.

HD3 Slyde 4

The HD3 Slyde is a high-end Swiss watch with a digital LCD touch screen which might become OLED as it comes in September. It will come with water resistant titanium body in silver or black colors, and is also heard that it might available in gold material. The double strap of HD3 Slyde is made in stylish fashion with rubber and leather while a sapphire crystal cover is curved to better conform to a person’s wrist. There are no more physical buttons on the screen except three battery indicator lights on the side and a light sensor to auto adjust the brightness of screen. As it’s a “Slyde” model hence all the functions will be performed by sliding or tapping the finger on screen dial.

HD3 Slyde 3

HD3 Slyde 2

HD3 Slyde 1

The most stunning feature of this HD3 is that it is charged by placing it on the dock station where a USB port is present which can be connected to computer and internet and you can purchase special watch dials to put in the watch, standard prices for dials will be $50-100 maybe, and more for the special ones. The watch comes with some other advanced features including chronograph, calendar, moon phase indicator, and system also lets you upload your own images.

In future those with the HD3 Slyde super cool wristwatch will definitely don’t want to go back with the iPod Nano. It is assured by the Hysek that it will be available with some special offers which other watches never have and its starting price will be $5000.

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