Have You Ever Seen A Slingshot Drone?

AggieAir Flying Circus

AggieAir Flying Circus

Thinking about a drone like a slingshot seems to be stupid; but researchers at Utah State University made it possible. They have designed such a drone which is launched via bungee and is called as AggieAir Flying Circus. The purpose of designing such a UAV is to map the environment. Hence it would be for the first time that drone is created other than military purpose. Hence it would be the first time that drone is created for other than military purpose.

Since its a bungee based drone, therefore no runway is needed to launch it and it could fly over the civilian airspace freely. The key idea behind this AggieAir Flying Circus is to measure habitat lost to invasive plant species, monitor fish habitats, and map vegetation.

AggieAir Flying Circus is also a join venture of Fast Company along with the Utah Research Laboratory to bring an energy efficient drone for educational or commercial applications. According to the researcher at the Utah State University; these kind of next generation dron drone will be made available through this summer while some of the UAVs are currently used in the laboratories at the Utah University. It is also highlighted that these drones will be loaded or programmed with an autopilot, GPS, and an inertial measurement unit to keep track of pitch and yaw as well as two cameras.

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