Handheld Electric Jet Engine Tops 50mph On Water

handheld electric jet engine

handheld electric jet engine

This is not something that you will see anytime soon. Yes it is a handheld electric jet engine designed by Doug Foden and tested at lake Chasewater in Staffordshire, UK. During the test run, the jet engine was able to reach top speed of up to 50mph.

It is an electric jet engine with 10hp rating that spins at an amazing 30,000rpm but since it runs on batteries, its show only lasts for as long as 10 minutes which is nowhere near one would want it to be to fully enjoy sailing with a handheld electric jet engine.

According to the source, the jet engine is also water resistant and is also not very light weight to be used by everyone. Dr. Doug Foden showed intentions of improving this technology over the coming years.


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