Guess The Coming ASUS Device – Pad, Phone or Tablet?


After introducing the EEE Pad Transformer ASUS again wants to surprise the mobile world with another stunning device, this time it may be Pad, phone, Tablet or may be hybrid tablet + phone device. ASUS has only giving come clues via photos to guess the device within one week as it will be unveiled at the Computex 2011 next week in Taiwan.


tablet teaser 1

tablet teaser2

tablet teaser 3

If you carefully look at the photos published on ASUS Facebook page it will look more like a tablet but if it is only a tablet then this would not gain much attention from the customers as there is already a huge competition is going on. But ASUS will not disappoint their customer after creating such hype so most of the experts think that the pictures of this coming ASUS device will be a tablet with phone feature.

All these are the guesses which are concluded through the photos, ASUS will show it at the coming Computex event held in next week where we can judge its features and specs weather it comes under tablet or phone family.

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