Grasp Is A Wearable That Provides Remote Coaching



Sometimes you desperately need an instructor for guiding you to do your work, but not every time you could have instructor right in front of you; for instance, while doing some troubleshooting, homework, cooking or fixing anything. To keep this idea in mind, an Interaction Designer Akarsh Sanghi has developed a prototype device, called Grasp, which provides remote coaching anywhere at any time.

Grasp consist of a built-in camera, microphone, and a laser pointer. It is a wearable device that mounts on your shoulder and reduces the distance between the instructor and learner by establishing wireless connection between them. Moreover, this device also provides the mentor with a real time insight into the learner’s environment through the coupling of a first person point of view and an instructional laser pointer. Thus, instructor can communicate with the learner using the device and pointing out the problem via laser pointer.

As far as the hardware is concerned Grasp is a prototype device that is powered by Arduino Yun board which consists of AVR Arduino microcontroller unit and Linux processing unit.

Grasp seems to be a very useful device when one needs instant help, unfortunately this device is not made for commercial purpose but if you want to get it, then you can make your own by getting its detail from the Sanghi’s website.

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