Google’s Android Coming this Summer with Ice Cream Flavor

google ice cream android 2.4

Anonymous sources reported that Google is planning to launch its new Android version for mobile phones which is named as Android 2.4 Ice Cream. It is expected to launch either in this June / July 2011 or somewhere around Google’s IO conference at the beginning of May 2011.

google ice cream android 2.4

Its bit confusing that Google has assigned this version as Android 2.4 as release of Honeycomb 3.0 version is about to due in the start of this year, so it might be possible that Google probably do some changes in the version like Honeycomb will be released as 2.4 but these are all hypothesis we just have to wait for the launch of coming Android versions and enjoy their flavors. It is confirmed that Android Ice Cream will be released after Honeycomb as it has become an ethical behavior of Google that it releases its android version in alphabetical orders i.e. Donut (D), Eclair (E), Froyo (F), Gingerbread (G) and Honeycomb (H) with the next iteration in the list of releases Ice Cream (I).

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