Google Chromecast Might Ship in UK This March 2014

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Google has now planned to extend its Chromecast popularity in the European market too after its last year great success in US. Those who still are not aware of the Chromecast get to know that it is the only $35 USB dongle that streams media from your PC, laptop or any mobile device to the TV over WiFi but make sure that your device and dongle has to be on the same WiFI network.

Google has not clearly mentioned that when it will be going to launch the Chromecast abroad but according to one of the source from UK that Google will be going to launch its Chromecast dongle on the provisional date of 1st March 2014. Therefore, still it is not confirmed that whether Google will deliver it to the European market after that announced date or before. So stay tune and wait to see when will Google make the blast abroad?

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