Get Into A World Without Limitations Via Zeiss VR One

Zeiss VR One

Zeiss VR One

Carl Zeiss a renowned name in the optical world is preparing to launch its new flagship devices, which bring us to the virtual reality – the world without limitations. Zeiss VR One is such a device, which lets you step into a world of new experiences. The device is a mobile goggle that is accompanied with a tray or drawer that fits your smartphone into it.

Carl Zeiss VR One has been designed for all kind of smartphones, which have screen size in between 4.7 and 5.2-inches. The device works when you slides your phone into the VR One drawer, the related media app for the Zeiss VR One will show you the virtual environment based on the background image present on the paper cube comes with the VR One. Up till now two multimedia apps are designed that let you bring to the other world in either 3D or 2D mode. Using the app and the VR goggle, you can view photos, google street view and experience the augmented reality.

The Zeiss VR One, which will cost around $99, primarily supports for the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. But to make this device universal, user will have to buy different ”drawers” with respect to their phone display sizes and it will cost $9.90 additional. Still it would be the most affordable VR goggle that a common user can access. Carl Zeiss VR One is available at Oneteamus for Pre-order.

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