Get Instant Coffee By Texting To Espresso Machine



Textspresso Machine is a nice idea for office employees who are used to drink coffee while having work to get fresh. But lack of time may sometime bother these class of people for instance when they are busy in meetings or doing some computational work; Seattle based cloud Texting Company brought such an espresso machine which works by texting.

The project of this Textspresso machine is done in just 20 days and over 300 parts, though its just an idea that how texting can be used for positive way of communication. The video from the company has been released which clearly shows how this machine works? After getting text message, the machine robot automatically picks an empty cup, then place it under the espresso outlet; after collecting the particular amount of coffee the robot automatically place the cup over the place where it bought from which also keeps the coffee warm. So no worry when you will get late to pick the coffee it remains warm.

Further improvements in the machine features is under development for instance; print the phone number of the person who ordered the coffee to avoid mix-ups. Since the machine is not designed commercially and still under development phase so its hard to say that when it will open publicly.

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