Genius Unleases MousePen Tablets M508 and M508W

Genius Unleases MousePen Tablets M508 and M508W

Genius has just announced its latest creation, M508 and M508W, MousePen tablets with both wired and wireless versions. Both the versions are compatible with Windows 7 as well as Mac OS X. With the Genius touchpad tablets, users will have more flexibility in terms of scrolling, zooming etc.

Genius MousePen Tablet M508

The Genius MousePen tablet has a total of four hardware buttons while it has the ability to program a total of 13 tablet surface keys for performing a variety of actions. The Genius M508 is the wired version while the Genius M508W is the wireless version of MousePen tablet. Both the tablets support 4,000 LPI resolutions and have 1024-level pressure sensitivity when used with a Bluetooth connected pen.

The Genius MousePen tablets will offer more flexibility to Photoshop users as it will provide more control over the brush attribute and you will not be required to spend extra on other such tablets. Both the tablets have a 5×8 inch working area. The Genius M508 wired MousePen tablet has a price tag of $149 while the Genius M508W wireless MousePen tablet will have a price of $199.

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